MC Jay J & Devious D – Time Of Our Lives

The second of the two MIDI files that Lukasz sent over was this:

Another absolute classic tune IMO.

Here’s the MIDI.

Thanks Lukasz, Stu! 🙂

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Nookie – Give A Little Love Piano MIDI

This week a fella called Lukasz over in Poland emailed me with a couple of oldskool MIDI files.

The first of the two is an absolute classic – Nookie – Give A Little Love.

I had to open the file up in Cubase to make sure it works (which it does after a bit of tinkering) and here it is: MIDI

Big ups Lukasz! If you’ve got any more MIDI’s that we haven’t already done, then please send them over! 🙂

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Love Revolution – Give It To Me Piano MIDI

Well, it’s been ages. Months. I don’t even know how long! Anyway, there’s been quite a few comments on here asking for stuff and I’ve been way too busy to work on anything… but I have today off work and haven’t touched the piano in ages so I figured it was high time I got on the case.

First up is Love Revolution – Give It To Me. It’s not a tune I was particularly familiar with before I had to replay the piano, but it was requested by Lucas Hollis, so here it is:

And here is the MIDI of the piano.

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I know it’s been ages since any new MIDI’s were uploaded to this page. I’m in the process of getting my new house set up so that I can move in and start doing some new pianos… But as it’s going to be a while before I can start doing some more MIDI’s I thought I’d best do a quick update to let you all know that this blog is still running… it’s just on hiatus for a little while. I’ll be back with new pianos soon. 🙂


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Aurora – Sunshine

Aurora – Sunshine. Big tune in 92/93

Massive shout out to Dave “Devastate” Hunt for his help with this when I was stuck and getting nowhere!

Here’s the MIDI.

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Bizarre Inc – Playing with Knives (Love 91 Mix) MIDI

Ric sent over another MIDI last night. Bizarre Inc’s Playing with Knives (Love 91 Mix)

Here’s the MIDI.

Big ups to Ric! 🙂

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The Moog – Jungle Muffin MIDI

This riff just came into my head for some reason, so while the piano was still on, I re-played it. 🙂

Here’s the MIDI for the piano.

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